1.A.3 Transport

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Short description

Under sub-sector 1.A.3 - Transport emissions from fuel combustion activities as well as abrasive emission and fugitive emissions are reported within the following categories:

NFR-Code Name of Category Method AD EF Key Source for (by 1)
1.A.3 Transport T1, T2, T2a, T3 NS CS, D
consisting of / including source categories
1.A.3.a Civil Aviation T1, T3 NS CS, D see sub-categories
1.A.3.b Road Transport T1, T2, T3 NS CS see sub-categories
1.A.3.c Railways T1, T2 NS CS no key source
1.A.3.d Navigation T1 NS CS, D see sub-categories
1.A.3.e Pipeline Compressors T2 NS CS no key source
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