1.A.5 Other (including Military)

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Short description

In category 1.A.5 - Other: Military emissions from military fuel combustion (stationary and mobile) within Germany are reported.

NFR-Code Source category Method AD EF Key Source for (by1)
1.A.5 Other (including Military) T1 NS CS, D see sub categories
including / consisting of sub-categories
1.A.5.a Other, Stationary (including Military) T1 NS CS NMVOC (T)
1.A.5.b Other, Mobile (including Military) T1 NS CS, D no key source


Activity Data

The Energy Balance of the Federal Republic of Germany (AGEB) provides the basis for the activity rates used. Since the Energy Balance does not provide separate listings of military agencies' final energy consumption as of 1995 – and includes this consumption in line 67, under "commerce, trade, services and other consumers" – additional sources of energy statistics had to be found for source category 1.A.5.

For source category 1.A.5.a, use is made of data of the Federal Ministry of Defence (BMVg), which has reported the "Energy input for heat production in the German Federal Armed Forces", by fuels and as of 2000 to the Federal Environment Agency. These figures are deducted from the figures in Energy Balance line 67 (commerce, trade, services) and are reported in 1.A.5, rather than in 1.A.4.

For source category 1.A.5.b, military-fuel (diesel fuel and gasoline) and aircraft-fuel (kerosene, aviation gasoline) consumption data, until 1995, were drawn from a special analysis of the Working Group on Energy Balances (AGEB). For the years as of 1996, official mineral-oil data of the Federal Republic of Germany (Amtliche Mineralöldaten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland), prepared by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), were used. The consumption figures given in units of [1000 t] are converted into [TJ] on the basis of the relevant heating statistics published by the Working Group on Energy Balances.

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