2.A Mineral Industry - Overview

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The Mineral Industry comprises ten different sub-categories. In the IIR, these are split in two different groups:

The main categories are the Energy-intensive mineral industries Cement Production (2.A.1), Lime Production (2.A.2), Glass Production (2.A.7.d) and Ceramics Production (2.A.7.d). But other mineral industries (not the other-category 2.A.7.d) includes minor industries with specific relevant emissions, here Soda Ash Production (2.A.4), Asphalt Roofing (2.A.5), Road Paving (2.A.6) - described under other mineral industries, and Mining other than coal (2.A.7.a), Construction (2.A.7.b) and the Salt Production (2.A.7.d) - described under PM-intensive mineral industries.

Without HM and POP, because these emissions occur only in Cement Production (2.A.1).

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