Key Category Analysis HCB

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The tables below show detailed information on how the key categories for HCB were calculated.


Source Emissions in 2012 (g) Proportion HCB
1.A.1.a Public Electricity and Heat Production 1.5E-06 42.60% 42.60%
1.A.4.b.i Residential: Stationary plants 1.2E-06 33.88% 76.48%
2.C.5.a Copper Production 6.8E-07 19.21% 95.69%


Source Emissions in 1990 (g) Emissions in 2012 (g) Contribution to trend HCB
1.A.1.a Public Electricity and Heat Production 3.8E-06 1.5E-06 69.48% 69.48%
1.A.4.b.i Residential: Stationary plants 6.4E-07 1.2E-06 15.29% 84.77%
2.C.5.a Copper Production 5.3E-07 6.8E-07 6.53% 91.29%
1.A.1.c Manufacture of Solid Fuels and Other Energy Industries 1.0E-07 5.7E-09 2.63% 93.92%
1.A.2.f.i Stationary Combustion in Manufacturing Industries and Construction: Other 8.2E-08 7.4E-09 2.01% 95.94%
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