Adjustment DE-C - NOx from 4.D Agricultural Soils

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The adjustment DE-B for NOx emissions from 4.B Manure Management is also covered here.

According ECE/EB.AIR/113/Add1 Annex para 2, (i) b the party shall support documentation that the source category was not included in the relevant historic national emission inventory at the time when the emission reduction commitment was set.

Since the year 2002 Germany reported NOx emissions for the sector agriculture under the framework of the CLRTAP to the European Commission (see table UNECE submission 2002). This emission source was not considered in the RAINS model (Cofala J., Syri S. (1998) [3]) at the time when the NEC commitment was set. This issue was pointed out in the national programmes (National Programm 2002, Table 2, p. 13 [1]; Nationales Programm 2006,Table 16, p. 64 [2]) and thus it was not considered in the calculation of the NEC Totals.

Table: UNECE submission 2002

(note: former SNAP code applied)

Since 2004 NOx emissions were reported for the subsector ‘agricultural soils’ and considered under the category 'Agriculture' (see table UNECE submission 2004). Previous emissions were calculated according Döhler et al. [4] and CORINAIR Guidebook 2002 [5].

Table: UNECE submission 2004 for Agriculture

(note: former Nomenclature For Reporting 02 code applied, source CEIP webdab, officially reported emission data, URL:

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