1.A.4 Small Combustion: Mobile Sources

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Short description

NFR-Code Source category Method AD EF Key Source for (by 1)
1.A.4 Small Combustion T1 NS CS
including mobile sources sub-categories
1.A.4.a ii Commercial / Institutional: Mobile NE
1.A.4.b ii Residential: Mobile Sources in Household and Gardening T1 NS CS no key source
1.A.4.c ii Agriculture/Forestry: Off-road Vehicles and other Machinery T1 NS CS NOx (L), PM2.5 & PM10 (L/T)
1.A.4.c iii National Fishing T1 NS, IS CS, D, C no key source

Mobile sources reported under NFR 1.A.4 - Small combustion comprise of such versatile sources as all kind of gasoline driven lawn mowers used for gardening (1.A.4.b ii) over harvesters and chain saws in forestry and tractors in agriculture (1.A.4.c ii) to the German deep sea fishing fleet (1.A.4.c iii). Please follow the links above to find further information on fuel combustion activities and emissions from these mobile combustion sources.

Note: At the moment, there is no data available on fuel consumption and thus no emission estimates for sub-category 1.A.4.a ii - Commercial / Institutional: Mobile.

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